The Healthy KIND

KIND Healthy Snacks is no longer a part of PeaceWorks. We are very proud that KIND has gone on to become the fastest growing brand in the energy bar category! Please visit to learn more.


Since its beginnings in 1994, PeaceWorks Holdings LLC has been a business that pursues both profit and peace. We pursue profit through our sales of healthful food products that are produced by neighbors on opposing sides of political or armed conflicts, whose cooperative business ventures we facilitate. PeaceWorks imports creative healthy foods that use only the freshest ingredients. The result is delicious, all-natural products

A minimum of five percent of our profits are used to support the PeaceWorks Foundation and the One Voice Movement, which aims to amplify the voice of moderate Israelis and Palestinians, and to help them build a human infrastructure and the political environment necessary to propel political representatives towards a two-state solution.

PeaceWorks also provides business consulting services to social enterprises, both in the US and internationally, including in the areas of venture development, communications, marketing, procurement, and promotion. PeaceWorks has advised several business leaders and successful enterprises, and has helped launch award-winning and highly celebrated business ventures. PeaceWorks also selectively provides these services on a pro-bono basis and as an investment partner.

Over its history, PeaceWorks has initiated business ventures among Israeli Jews, Palestinian citizens of Israel, Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, Egyptians and Turks; Indonesians (including a women-owned cooperative with Muslims, Christians and Buddhists working together under the same roof); and Sri Lankans (involving members of the Sinhalese and Tamil communities).


KIND Advantage Program

KIND is no longer part of PeaceWorks. Learn more about The KIND Advantage Program